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Hand Made Swarovski GlobeColumbus is the oldest and most respected manufacturer in the globe industry. Started over 100 years ago by Paul Oestergaard in 1909, the German company has stayed in the family for four generations, all the while maintaining its prestige as the world’s premier globe maker. Throughout its long history Columbus has preserved the handmade artisinal nature of the world globes while integrating new technologies. These beauties are not made in China. The business’ headquarters have moved from the original factory in Berlin to the smaller German town of Krauchenwies, but the globes' indisputably retained the high quality craftsmanship and visionary innovation Columbus built its reputation on.

Among the many advancements Columbus has contributed to the industry is the invention of the DUO and DUORAMA technology, which displays two different maps depending on whether the globe is illuminated or not. The company was also the first to pioneer the use of a mostly-automated manufacturing process to create the world’s first acrylic globes. While some of Columbus’ expertly designed models are made from acrylic, the German manufacturer remains the only company around that still crafts globes from hand-blown glass.Applying Map to Globe The traditional process of making globes remains alive and well in their manufacturing plant in Germany. There, trained artisans continue to master and cultivate the art of making world globes.

In a highly intensive process, maps are manually cut and hand-applied to the globes by skilled craftspeople after undergoing up to 24 layers of printing to get the exacting detail and vivid colors Columbus is known for. Next, a clear coat of high gloss is applied to the world globe, giving it a radiant sheen. After final inspection by the cartography department, it is ready for retail. When it comes to globes, nothing tops the exceptional German engineering and sophisticated design of Columbus. The company’s stunning Osnabruck model, in addition to its enormous Magnum globes, are peerless the world over. The entire Columbus collection remain the crown jewel of the industry. Whether you are looking for a geographic tool or a decorative flourish in your home--or both--Columbus is the first choice, every time.