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2 Luxurious Must-See Swarovski Globes

swaroskieditedSwarovski and Columbus

Light up your room with these luxurious world globes. Last year, Columbus teamed up with the luxury jeweler Swarovski to create two unforgettable world globes. These extravagant world globes feature Zirconia gems on their surface that come alive with light, and add to the lavish beauty of the already extraordinary Columbus world globes. Using both the blue ocean Rothenburg and the antique ocean Vienna globes as inspirations, these new globes feature the best of what both Columbus and Swarovski have to offer. Enjoy both of these globes when they are sitting in with the timeless décor of your home or office, and as night falls, switch on the internal light bulb, and watch as your family and guests are mesmerized with the illuminated beauty of these unforgettable world globes. Without further ado, here are the fruits of the memorable collaboration between two titans of luxury products, Columbus and Swarovski which are currently on sale now.


Columbus Rothenburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovskirothenburg swarovski illuminated

The decadent design of the Columbus Rothenburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski makes this model a modern treasure! The 16-inch blue ocean globe reaches 20 inches tall when supported by the stainless steel base. A thin, minimally styled half meridian holds the blue ocean globe at a 23.5 degree tilt. The Columbus globe is accented by Swarovski's beautiful Zirconia that are hand-set to highlight the capitals and major metropolitan areas of the political map. The stones exude a sophisticated appeal that shines when the model is illuminated. With light, the silver-toned Zirconia twinkle and shimmer, lending the model an exciting dynamism! The Zirconia are carefully crafted by Swarovski in Austria. Each Swarovski Zirconia is laser-engraved with a seal of authenticity that is invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, the Zirconia display an eight-point star that becomes visible with a Starscope. This desktop globe showcases Columbus' classic DUO map. The innovative map is transformed from political to physical when illuminated. With the light off, the detailed political map is displayed, with the pastel patchwork of countries and abundance of place names set against the blue ocean background. However, flipping on the world globe's light enlivens the planet's physical properties on the surface of the sphere along with the brilliant Swarovski Zirconia. The map was manually applied to the acrylic sphere by Columbus' skilled craftspeople. Swarovski's radiant Zirconia were then placed onto the Columbus map also by hand. The artisanal nature of the world globe makes each model a collector's item. Bring the artistic beauty of Columbus Rothenburg 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski into your home or office! Filled with cartographical value and lavish Zirconia, the eye catching style of this world globe is simply irresistible.



vienna w swarovskiColumbus Vienna 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski

The Columbus Vienna 16-Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski impresses with its breathtaking design and dramatic size! The 16 inch sphere reaches 20 inches tall when sitting upon its high gloss brass colored base. The sphere is framed by the contemporary styled half-meridian, which holds it at a 23.5 degree angle and features a time dial at the top of the desktop globe. This Columbus model features Swarovski's luxurious Zirconia that are hand applied to the map, representing country capitals, along with the planet's largest cities. The sophisticated beauty of the stones radiates as the globe is illuminated. The golden-hued Zirconia shimmer and twinkle with light, lending the model a kinetic charm! Each Zirconia is carefully crafted by Swarovski in Austria. All Swarovski Zirconia are laser engraved with Swarovski's seal of authenticity that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Additionally, the Zirconia boldly showcase an eight-point star pattern that becomes apparent with a Starscope. The Vienna displays Columbus' unforgettable ROYAL map. The antique-ocean political map is enhanced by the multihued patchwork of the countries. Despite the vintage flavor, the world globe is packed with contemporary place names, shipping lanes, water currents and other cartographical details. The map turns from political to physical when illuminated. With the world globe's light on, the physical topography of the planet comes alive through detailed three dimensional shading. The acrylic sphere features a map that was manually cut and applied to the desktop globe by skilled artisans. Columbus has perfected its technique of hand making globes over its century long history. They remain one of the only manufacturer's that still relies on trained craftspeople to hand manufacture these stunning illuminated world globes. The Columbus Vienna 16 Inch Illuminated Desktop Globe with Swarovski is a superb model that thrills with its classic style. Whether intended for the home or office, this exceptional world globe will never go out of style.


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