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14 Amazing Maps of the Wild West

The American Frontier

The American West has always held a fascination in the national mythology. From western films to novels and intense historical scrutiny, conquering the frontier has greatly inspired the American spirit, while also being a source of national shame. From the mistreatment of the Native Americans, to the slave labor employed through Chinese immigrants in building the railroad, it is a complicated history fraught with controversy. Still, these maps of the American wild west remain fascinating documents of the time period and are occasionally historical artifacts with artistic beauty. Cartography and geography have always been wrought with political implications, but they remain essential documents when scrutinizing our past.

1868 Map of the Wild West

1868 wild west

Extermination of American Bison Map

american bison map

Mississippi Territory


Mississippi Basin

mississipi basin

Map of America's Arid Region

map of arid region

Map of Michigan's Railroad

michigan railroad

Map of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad


Map of the Transcontinental Railroad

transconintental railroad

Maps of the New Transcontinental Railroad


Map of American Slavery


Map of Emigration

Emigration map

Map of the American Indians

american indians

Map of the Oklahoma Territory

oklahoma indian territory

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