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4 Vintage Inspired World Globes

columbus-dresden-illuminated-globe-254071Columbus Dresden Illuminated Globe

The Dresden world globe presents one of the most beautiful antique inspired map. This map features drawings of ships and mythic sea creatures like maps of yesteryear.  Still, all of the cartography and geography is completely up to date.


National Geographic Eaton III Floor Globeeaton

This floor globe has a sort of Indiana Jones adventuring style that also has a flourish of vintage British campaign furniture. The beige ocean National Geographic map also keeps the distinctive style that the geographic society has kept since the early 20th century.



orionReplogle Orion Illuminated Globe

The Orion world globe directly evokes the black ocean style that was popular in the 1950s. This moody globe looks beautiful when illuminated as its soft, complementary hues fill up the room its displayed in. Savor the mid century flair of this stylish world globe.



Columbus Osnabruck Illuminated Floor Globeosnabruckedited

The Columbus Osnabruck globe actually has been around since the 1950s. Although the map has been updated, the wood, wishbone design has stayed exactly the same. Get this staple of mid-century modern style with contemporary geography in this incomparable floor globe.





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