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Globe Brands

Columbus Logo

The German produced Columbus globes are handcrafted works of art. From their relentless innovation in the industry to their quality made products, Columbus’ stellar reputation is much deserved. The company was started over 100 years ago by Paul Oestergaard and has remained in the family ever since. The only manufacturer that still has trained artisans hand blow the glass globes, the German-design Columbus models shine with radiant and clear illumination.



The MOVA world globes feature state of the art, eco-friendly technology and extraordinary designs. The rotating globes contain solar cells inside each unit that soak up available light and convert it to a low electrical energy that produces the sphere’s 360 degree motion. Coming in 4.5”, 6” and 8.5” diameters, these spinning globes are perfect desktop models that can be presented on several different bases. From the collection of world, planet and art models, be enthralled by the serene revolving motion of the MOVA globes!


Replogle Logo

Replogle is an American treasure. Started in Chicago by Luther Replogle in 1930, the globes are still produced in the Illinois area to this day. From the company’s signature raised relief models with an antique-ocean political map to the colossal Diplomat models and the modern styled interactive Intelliglobe, the world’s leading globe manufacturer has earned its reputation from its exemplary products. A successful synergy of stellar cartography and classy design, the American Replogle globes will never go out of style.


National Geographic Logo

The National Geographic Globe Collection is the product of a fruitful collaboration between the scientific society and Replogle Globes. These stunning world globes feature National Geographic's famous cartography framed by complementary bases that bring out the pioneering spirit of the political maps. The American made Replogle Globes is the perfect partner for National Geographic to turn their stunning cartography into timeless three-dimensional desktop and floor globes!


Frank Lloyd Wright Collection Logo

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection is manufactured by Replogle Globes in collaboration with the famous American architect's Foundation. The globes in the esteemed line are framed by modernist stands that were adapted from Wright's drawings, concepts and designs for furniture and decorative pieces. While many are modeled after completed works in his iconic buildings, others are inspired by unfinished ideas from his private collection. These world globes capture the spirit of Wright's unique style, which appear have a simultaneous classic and futuristic flavor!


Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globes Logo

The Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globes impress with their lavish designs and vibrant colors. Making political maps out of semiprecious stones, each model is hand assembled by skilled craftspeople. These artisanal globes showcase gemstones that are indigenous to the regions that they depict on the map. The handcrafted globes thrill with their artistic qualities and sturdy construction. Featuring vivid color schemes and luxurious stones, Alexnader Kalifano's Gemstone Globes are destined to be the centerpiece of any room decor.


Zoffoli Logo

Zoffoli combines the modern flair of Italian design with the antiquated artisanal tradition of globe manufacturing. Since rising to prominence in 1963 through the help of Italo Zoffoli, an experienced craftsman, the company has since maintained a sterling reputation in the industry ever since. Catering to discerning customers, Zoffoli’s sleek design of their floor globes continues to be a major draw to the models, which pay homage to history’s most daring explorers.